Move does not have a native type for strings, but it has a handy wrapper! Sui supports String type as a transaction argument (encoded as vector<u8> on the client).

module examples::strings {
    use std::string::String;

    /// A dummy Object that holds a String type
    public struct Name has key, store {
        id: UID,
        /// Here it is - the String type
        name: String

    /// Create a name Object by passing raw bytes
    public fun mint_name(name: String, ctx: &mut TxContext): Name {
        Name { id: object::new(ctx), name }

String operations

To create a string from a vector of bytes, use string::utf8:

module examples::string_operations {
    use std::string::String;

    /// Constants can't be Strings; and they're not public.
    const HELLO_WORLD: vector<u8> = b"Hello, World!";

    /// But a function can pack a string and make it accessible.
    /// Note: `string::utf8` fails if the string is not valid UTF-8.
    public fun hello_world(): String {

    /// Checks if it's a valid UTF-8 String and returns an option
    public fun new_string_safe(bytes: vector<u8>): Option<String> {