Sui has built-in support for a clock. The clock is a special object that can be used to get the current time. It is a shared object, and can be accessed by anyone.

Clock has a reserved address 0x6. While being a shared object, it can't be accessed mutably, and a transaction attempting to do so will fail.

module examples::clock {
    // Import the `clock` module and the `Clock` type.
    use sui::clock::Clock;

    /// A dummy object that hold the time it was created.
    /// What if we could sell a timestamp...?
    public struct Timestamp has key, store {
        id: UID,
        timestamp: u64,

    /// Creates a new `Timestamp` Object using the `Clock`.
    public fun new(clock: &Clock, ctx: &mut TxContext): Timestamp {
        // The `timestamp_ms` is the main function of the `Clock` module.
        let timestamp = clock.timestamp_ms();

        Timestamp { timestamp, id: object::new(ctx) }

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